Travel Tips For Diabetics

One of my favorite things in the world has got to be traveling.  Vacations are necessary in life.  There is nothing better than putting in nonstop hard work, followed up by stepping away from our everyday stresses and enjoying a nice little vacation.  I am all for a trip that allows you to relax and unwind, but it is important to keep up some level of physical activity while you are gone in order to take care of your diabetes.

Being active on vacation helps me feel rejuvenated and refreshed, and I bet it will do the same for you.  No matter what type of vacation you are on, there are always ways to sneak in some exercise.  Don’t look at it as miserable or something you dread doing, instead try to make it fun!  I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie, and I’ve been fortunate to have done a good bit so far.   We only live once, and I refuse to let diabetes dictate what I can and can not do on the road!  Some of the highlights are skydiving, surfing and snorkeling in Hawaii, hiking around Iceland, biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, cage diving with great white sharks, and bungee jumping off of the tallest bridge in the world in South Africa!  One thing that I can’t recommend enough for everyone is going on a hike while on the road.  Not only will you get to see something new, but the mental and physical boost that you will get from this is incredibly satisfying I promise you that!

I desperately want to travel the world and see all the beauty that this earth has to offer us.  I hope that some of these posts will inspire you to get out and step out of your comfort zone and travel.  Stay tuned as I will be blogging vacations that I go on and travel tips that I use to help with my diabetes while on the road.

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