Strength Training Benefits for Diabetics

Strength training is important for diabetics… especially type 2 diabetics.  I have been blessed to work with all sorts of clients, some being pre diabetic and some already being diagnosed as a diabetic. There is nothing better than seeing one of my clients crush a workout, and walk away realizing they just kicked diabetes in the tail!  I hope you give strength training a try, because it comes with such benefits towards our diabetes.  Below are some reasons that we need strength training as diabetics.

Strength training helps build muscle mass, which is going to help lead to fat loss.  The more muscle we build, the more calories we burn, and this means the more weight we can lose.  This will also increase the rate in which we are burning calories while at rest.   Strength training also lowers the risk for heart disease… including obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

Another great benefit is that strength training helps diabetics use insulin more effectively.  When we do weight training, it helps push glucose into our muscles.  The more efficient our muscles are at using glucose, the less insulin we need.  Strength training can also help lower our blood sugar.  This means we will have less glucose circulating in our blood sugar while exercising, and also less insulin circulating right after we exercise.

Strength training helps strengthen our bones.  When we have high blood sugars, more glucose attaches to the protein in our bones, which weakens our bones structure.  As diabetics we are at an increased risk for fractures.  Therefore, we have to hit our workouts and develop strength and build up these bones in order to lesson our chances of falling and potentially getting fractures.

There is no doubt that strength training has lots of physical benefits, but it also comes with lot of mental benefits.  Strength training leads to more strength, power, and endurance… which in return enhances your mood and can give you more energy.  I get it, we all have good days, and we all have bad days, but I think the majority agrees that we always feel better after completing a successful workout.  Strength training is also a great stress reliever, life is complicated at times, we all have a lot on our plate as diabetics, but I have found that this strength training comes in handy as a big stress reliever.  If you are not already in a regular active routine, than I hope that you give strength training a try, as it can help you out tremendously in life and with your diabetes!

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