Three Things To Live By

I was told this quote when I was younger and it is something that has stuck with me since the day I heard it.  Three things that I always try to live by:  1) Start where you are.  2) Use what you have.  3) Do what you can.  

Start where you are:  We all come from different backgrounds, fitness levels, life experiences, but we all have one thing in common: We have diabetes, and we refuse to let it ruin our lives. You may be a beginner to fitness, that’s OK.. the most important thing is that you are starting now and taking the step to regain control of your health.  Do not compare yourself to others, instead compare to yourself.  It is you vs. you. Focus on just getting started and not giving up, and the end result always seems to work itself out.

Use what you have:  The incredible thing is always that any given morning you have the ability to wake up and make a change that day.  You have resources, soak up Diabetes Strength as much as possible, because I am going to give you my all, day in and day out to supply you with all that I have.

Do what you can:  Don’t just talk about it, be about it.  Do whatever it takes to be in a better place than where you started.  Set your alarm clock ten minutes earlier, tell someone you love them ten times more, stay after work and give it 100% effort towards whatever it is you have on your agenda that day.  Life is too short to sit back and let it control us, instead step up and defeat the day!  You will feel that much more accomplished and have no regrets as you put forth the extra effort to become the best that you can be. I understand what you are thinking some days; this disease gets on my nerves on a daily basis, the ups and downs with blood sugar levels, the highs and lows with emotion that comes with this… But you have to refuse to not let it control you.

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