• Restaurant:  Cafe at Pharr
  • Meal: Walnut Chicken Salad
  • Location:  1465 Chattahoochee Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Out to eat this week, and I came across this delicious walnut chicken salad from Cafe at Pharr.  I find my blood sugars are the best and most stable when I choose well balanced meals that are lower carbohydrate.  No matter where we are, we always have healthier options on menus that are better for our health. This salad was perfect for me, as it helped keep my blood sugar down and it consisted of chicken salad, walnuts, avocado (I added on the side), carrots, and grapes on the side.  If you are ever in Atlanta, I highly suggest giving this meal and Cafe at Pharr a try.

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