My friend saved my life… Make people aware of your diabetes.

I am sure you already know this but I want to reiterate the significance of telling people about your diabetes. I was diagnosed at 12 years old, and I spent the first few years keeping my diabetes a secret. I was afraid, embarrassed, and didn’t want to be judged.. really a combination of all of these things. I only told a few people about my diabetes, but I’m thankful that I did.

Flash forward and it was 2006. I was about to leave baseball practice at school and my blood sugars were creeping down and I was paying zero attention to it. My blood sugar eventually hit rock bottom and I ended up doing some idiotic things, enough to draw attention in our school parking lot. By this point I blacked out and do not remember a thing. Little did anyone know that I was a diabetic and was dealing with an extremely low blood sugar. Luckily, one of my best friends Jerome was nearby (he knew about my diabetes). Some other friends quickly called and warned him to get in touch with me to follow me home because I was driving and acting like a CRAZY man.

We lived nearby each other, so he managed to catch up to me on one of the main roads. When he found me, he somehow convinced me to pull over. Somehow, I did not cause an accident being at 100% bottomed out . I do not remember a second of the driving, I have a quick blur of some man honking his horn at me and flicking me off. Other than this I have no clue what was happening. I just know that I was on a busy road, and the speed limit was 45 mph. This could have been devastating. Thank God I did not cause an accident and hurt anyone else. If it weren’t for my buddy catching up to me and somehow getting me to pull over up on a curb, than I may have been dead or ended up hurting someone else behind the wheel. Diabetes is scary, especially Type 1 with the intense low blood sugars.I wish I would have had enough sense back then to help prevent getting that low. Thank God for my friend knowing about my diabetes, and coming to the rescue because he knew my sugar had to be crazy low.

I woke up, I was drinking some juice and my friend (Jerome) was sitting in my car along with a police officer who had been called in by someone else who happened to see me (the crazy kid with a bottomed out blood sugar) driving down the road. If I would have never informed Jerome about my diabetes, or the complications that we face with this disease, than I may not be standing here today. It is so important that we tell people we work with, our friends, family, and educate them about our situation. We may face crazy low blood sugars, and some times we may not catch it before it gets too low. It is instances such as these that we need to have people aware of our situation!

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