Diabetes Strength Workout Plans, what are they all about?

I have been spending a lot of time training numerous clients from all experience levels.  From Type 1 diabetics, Type 2 diabetics, people from all age groups, first time exercisers/ beginners, intermediate, advanced, weight loss goals, mass gain goals, high school athletes, college athletes, pro athletes, etc.  What I have learned as that everyone is different, and we have to be smart when starting a new exercise plan.

The most important thing is building a solid foundation with correct form.  Once we can get control of our workouts with good technique, then we can start to progress.  I have also learned that as a diabetic, and training diabetics over the years, we truly are different than the norm.  As Type 1s, we constantly have to stay on our blood sugar levels and make sure that we are not running too high or too low.  It is a challenge day in and day out.  And as Type 2s, we need to find a way to get up and get the ball rolling in order to take control of this disease.  I understand gyms can be intimidating, and I also understand that a lot of workouts out there are just not realistic for us to complete.  Exercise is all about easing into it… we need to crawl first, then walk, and then run.  In order to chase our dreams and make the big lifestyle change, we have to commit to a plan that we can complete.  Making this lifestyle change is not a sprint, it is a marathon that we have to commit to day in and day out.

I am a big believer of including these three things into our workout regimen:

  1. Cardio
  2. Strength Training
  3. Flexibility

Cardio comes with a lot of benefits; it keeps our heart and bones strong, relieves stress, and improves our blood circulation.  It also helps us by keeping our blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels on target. Cardio is not just about running a 10k or doing tons of sprints, instead it is about finding a way to stick with the plan and stay moving day after day.  I do not workout every single day, life is crazy busy and stuff comes up.  But one thing I do make sure is that I find a way each and every day to try and take a step forward in the right direction.  Whether that be from going on a walk with my dog, taking the stairs instead of the elevator,  stretching while at work or while watching tv, there a number of ways that we can stay active day after day.

Strength training is a big part of my life, and I love helping others make it a big part of their life. Strength training helps us build strong muscles and bones, and it helps make our every day functional movements come easier.  The more muscle we build, the more calories we burn at rest.  There is no point in jumping into a high impact and intense plan if our body cannot handle it.  It is all about finding what our body responds to best for real results, and I am excited to bring strength training into your life with the different variety of workout plans that we will be completing.

Flexibility exercises, or stretching, helps keep our joints limber and can lower our chances of getting injured.  On Diabetes Strength we will be doing a good deal of stretching, We will be incorporating dynamic exercises and static stretches into our daily routines.  We will take care of our bodies with the proper mobility work that we need in order to stay pain free and continue our progress of getting control of our health and diabetes.

I am on a mission to help you get over your fears and get control of our health.  It is not always going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it.  Here at Diabetes Strength, we will be uploading new workout plans every month, with different strategies ranging from straight sets, super sets, giant sets, cardio acceleration, quick workouts, you name it.  All our workout plans will have detailed video descriptions as well as write ups for how to execute each and every day.  We will have fitness plans ranging from bodyweight exercises, boxing, water aerobics, barre, to plans using basic gym equipment.  Fitness is not always a one way fits all, instead it is about finding a way to take that step forward day after day with realistic workouts that we can actually complete.  Join us in this journey, as we beat diabetes together one day at a time.

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