Diabetes and Blueberries


One of my favorite snacks is blueberries. They are awesome as they are low in calories yet high in nutrients. They are recognized as a diabetic superfood, so I have done some research about blueberries and why they are such a great snack to put in our bodies.

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that a daily dose of the bioactive ingredients in blueberries increases sensitivity to insulin. This helps reduce the risk of developing diabetes in people at risk.

Also, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that a 1-cup serving of blueberries contains just 83 calories and recommends replacing high-calorie snacks like chips with low-calorie fruits like blueberries as well as including blueberries in some of your meals.

I am a fan of mixing in a handful of blueberries with my breakfast, and then I will also have some mixed in either straight up or with my greek yogurt as a snack. Give this diabetic superfood a whirl!

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