Iceland Day 8: Blue Lagoon and Farewell

It is our final day in Iceland, and what is a trip to Iceland without a visit to the world famous Blue Lagoon.  We had seen pictures all over social media before our trip to Iceland of this lagoon, so we had to spend our last few hours in Iceland to see what it was all about.

The Blue Lagoon is like a gigantic light blue hot tub, and it truly is an out of this world place.  The water gets up to 102 degrees fahrenheit, and it is the perfect place for a relaxing day.   We spent a few hours here giving our bodies some recovery before our flight home.  The Blue Lagoon gets its water from a geothermal plant; the spa has silver towers, clouds of steam, and people are covered in white silica mud.  We immediately joined in the party and put the white algae mask on our face.  This mask is purifying and cleansing, and it was fun to join in the experience.  After floating through the lagoon for 10 or 15 minutes, we washed off the mask and then tried their green Algae mask. We left it on for a while and felt rejuvenated and hydrated.

The Blue lagoon also offers food inside, and they even have healthier options to choose from with some veggies, salads, and fruit trays.  I was able to manage my blood sugars well on this day, and it felt good to have a low key day relaxing and unwinding!

Travel Tips:

  • Everyone deserves some relaxation while on vacation
  • No matter where you are, there is almost always smart food options for our diabetes

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