Iceland Day 6: We found the Northern Lights!

Day 6 was filled with highlights, and number one being we finally found the Northern Lights (I will get to this later in this post). We kickstarted today by eating a nice little breakfast at our hotel, Hali Country.  They had quite the spread at breakfast loaded with tons of cereal and french toast.  Don’t get me wrong, this all looked amazing but I didn’t even feel like risking the awful blood sugars so I decided to stay on track … instead of these sugary foods I went with some hard boiled eggs, meats, and a little breakfast salad.

After breakfast, we jumped in our car and cruised down the road about 10 minutes to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.   This lagoon is told to be one of the greatest wonders of nature in Iceland. The lagoon contains huge blocks of ice floating around in the lagoon.  It is a result of a warming climate as these ice blocks constantly break off the glacier nearby. We had some time to explore around as we booked an ice cave tour for later in the day with a pickup at the lagoon.  We spent some time walking around here and sipping a large cup of coffee before driving across the street to visit Diamond Beach.

We parked our car in the sand at Diamond Beach and hung out for about 30 minutes in the car to get warmed up and then boom, the car broke down.  Apparently cars break down all the time in Iceland, and have constant issues because the roads are filled with potholes, ice, sand, and whatever else you come across.  We called the rental car office and were thankful to have them send us a mechanic.  We had about an hour till he was due to arrive, so we took advantage of the time and hit a fun little beach workout with ice crystals.  This must have been a first because people were giving us crazy weird looks lol, but it was worth it as we worked up a nice sweat.  The workout was a deadlift-curl-press EMOM with about a 25lb ice crystal.  It was challenging and fun at the same time, pumping up those muscles on a black sand beach with ice crystals.  Shortly after the workout the mechanic showed up, saved the day and fixed our Jeep and we were back on our way.

We ate lunch, and then boarded a large 4x4 truck to start our ice caving tour.  We drove on what looked like the moon, with huge craters and potholes everywhere you looked for about 20-30 minutes until we reached the surface of the glacier.  We then took a glacier walk until we reached the ice cave.  I don’t know if you have ever seen an ice cave, but it is quite the experience.  Ice caves are only found in the wintertime when the glacial rivers retract and water freezes.  We walked pretty far into this ice cave, and were able to snap some incredible photos with the blue light passing through the glacier ice.  This is another one of those things that you just have to do if you are ever in Iceland in the winter.  Words can’t describe the beauty of standing in an ice cave in a freaking gigantic glacier!

After hanging at the ice cave for about an hour, we rode back in the 4x4 monster truck with other tourists and went back to our car.  It was time for dinner, and we drove to a town nearby called Hofn.  We went into a restaurant in town, had a big dinner and even had a few beers.  I’m not a big drinker, but I do believe that if you can manage your blood sugar while having a  beer or two on occasion than why not enjoy a nice relaxing evening.  We are all humans and if we have an alcoholic beverage on occasion and monitor our sugar at the same time, than I do not see anything wrong with this.  After dinner, we headed back towards our hotel and this is where our night took a turn for the best.

The Northern lights appeared in the sky!!  We immediately pulled the car over in a pitch black field, and jumped out to soak in the moment of checking the northern lights off of our bucket list.  I ran full speed across the field to get to a little mountain I saw to try and get some good pictures of the lights dancing in the sky.  I haven’t jumped for joy like this and screamed this loud probably ever in crazy excitement as these green lights were dancing across the whole sky.  I ran so fast to the hill that somehow along the sprint my wedding ring had fallen off mid stride.  Ahhh, and the best part about it was that Audrey was not even mad at me for losing the ring off of my finger because we were just in awe of the Northern lights filling up the sky!  Brad, Mandy, Audrey and I spent about an hour soaking up the scenery and taking pictures under the sky.  I think we all agree that to this day, this has to be one of the best days of our entire life.  An ice cave, a glacier lagoon, a black sand diamond beach, and the Northern lights is going to be a tough day to beat!

Travel Tips:

  • The northern lights are amazing, add them to your bucket list
  • Diabetes is not going to hold us back from doing adventurous things
  • If you are ever out of the country and your car breaks down, might as well jump out and hit a workout to better ourselves while waiting on the car to be fixed

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